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The great benefit of how we can work today is that so much of it can be done remotely.  The downside is that I have never met many of my clients in person!  So here’s a chance to get to know a bit more about me and where I have come from.

I started work in the IT industry and stayed there for over 20 years.  I went from being a full toolkit carrying computer engineer to one of only 4 highest qualified Enterprise Certified Network Engineers in the UK.  From there I worked in enterprise systems sales and managed teams and projects for corporate clients including BP and Coca-Cola and a whole host of central government and criminal justice agencies (all very secret squirrel)! Enticed by the perceived glamour of West End Media (it wasn’t), I moved into the business media and advertising world looking after publishers most profitable and prestigious advertising clients including IBM and British Telecom.

Finding myself in my mid-thirties and less enthusiastic about the daily trauma of travelling on Thameslink, I decided something had to change.  I handed in my corporate cards and started my first E-commerce business. I also become a Mum in 2006 so I’ve continued to juggle parenthood and running a business. Our child came home from hospital and lived under my desk whilst I processed a weeks-worth of customer orders! 

I still have that business today and what a journey it has been –  selling online from before everyone had broadband at home to now when children have it in their pockets!

People who knew about my background were coming to me for advice, for their business, for their websites, for their sales. In 2016 I started freelancing, sharing the skills I had accrued in my own business and training.  It took off and in 2018 I coined the phrase Cyber Hype (actually it was #cyberhype), one evening and the entire idea of cross-platform, cross-discipline digital marketing with management and business resources was born.

I’m here for all business owners but I am really tired of small and startup businesses being ripped off and taken advantage of by less than honest or capable providers and I’m doing something about that.  I offer open and honest solutions and prefer my clients to have as much control and visibility as possible.

I live with my family in a village on the South coast of England, my dream is to have a beach house – a modest one that needs little cleaning and preferably somewhere with lots of sun!

You can find out more about my career on my profile over at LinkedIn


You will find lots of useful information and advice here on this website.  For starters here are my Top 5 things your website should do for your business, along with more about how a website should work for you.

Whatever platform you choose for your business, whether it’s WordPress, Wix, Weebly, SquareSpace, Shopify, or any other site builder or e-commerce platform, I can help you get it right.

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Ecommerce Product Photography – Amazon Sets The Standard

Ecommerce Product Photography – Amazon Sets The Standard

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Choosing A Website Domain Name

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Reservation of .uk Domains Ending on 25th June 2019

Reservation of .uk Domains Ending on 25th June 2019

As a .co.uk domain owner, you may have recently received an email from the UK Official Domain Registry - Nominet about a .uk domain.   When the .uk extension (or TLD - Top Level Domain) was released it was automatically reserved for 5 years for .co.uk site owners who...

Facebook Ads – The Difference Between a Boosted Post and an Ad

Facebook Ads – The Difference Between a Boosted Post and an Ad

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