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Want To Move Your Business Onwards and Upwards?

    Have you got a new or established website that doesn’t seem to be getting much response, if any?  Maybe your business has been online for a while and suddenly activity has dropped off a cliff.

    There is usually a reason for that and as part of an initial free consultation, we’ll try and find out what it is.  It may be your user experience (known as UX in the biz along with UI for User Interface) is poor – either something isn’t working or doesn’t make sense to visitors. 

    It could be activity by your competition – maybe they have upped their digital game and are blowing your organic search results or paid advertising out of reach of potential clients.  You could be lacking Calls to Action (CTA) or have poor Search Engine Optimisation (SEO). Your content may be off message with irrelevant keywords leading readers off-topic.  Maybe your website is just plain ugly!  Whatever it is, we will find out what the issues are.

    You can review some of the clients whose websites I have worked with to improve their websites business performance over in the client portfolio.

    A dysfunctional website doesn’t always mean a complete rebuild or starting from scratch, there are lots of changes that can be implemented to get it back on track.  There are pro’s and con’s to every platform and it’s good to understand what those are with specific relevance to YOUR business, not anyone elses.

    Getting in touch is easy! There are 5 different ways right here on this page but incase you don’t spot them, here’s another:   


    You will find lots of useful information and advice here on this website.  For starters here are my Top 5 things your website should do for your business, along with more about how a website should work for you.

    Whatever platform you choose for your business, whether it’s WordPress, Wix, Weebly, SquareSpace, Shopify, or any other site builder or e-commerce platform, I can help you get it right.

    Your website is an asset, not an overhead!

    If you don’t feel a sense of professional or business pride when you visit your website, or actually cringe a little bit when you do, then you need to do something about it.  If you don’t like it, what will your clients and potential customers make of it!

    I want you to love your website! You should be proud to tell people about it, to post your website links all over social media and your business networks, with confidence that it is showing your business at its very best

    You shouldn’t have to worry about keeping it updated, technical maintenance, security and trouble shooting.  There’s a lot you can do yourself, if you want to, but for everything else, we have Digital Care Plans and great support channels with our providers.


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