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Content Marketing For Business

The cornerstone of a businesses digital marketing assets is its content.  With the right content, it is possible to elevate above and beyond your competition to reach your target customers.  Using different content technologies such as video, photography, infographics, e-books and digital brochures, along with great written copy that is optimised for SEO, you can ensure that your audience is receiving your information in their preferred way.  This makes it EASIER for you to communicate your messages, offers and propositions to them.

As well as in-house skills we also partner with tried and tested specialists in the content field including copywriters, graphic designers, videographers and other industry-specific specialists.

Electronic Documents, Brochures and E-Books

We have invested in leading-edge tools that allow us to create incredible electronic documents for your business.  We can take almost any document, even a Facebook Page or Blog Post and turn it into a stunning electronic document.  We also provide a Flipbook service so we can take your PDFs and turn them into cloud-based Flipbooks.  The great thing about cloud Flipbooks is you can create all your documents and only ever have to update the cloud-based copy when changes are needed – no re-emailing documents, no need to tell team members to get the latest version – it will already be there! Any links you have shared on Social Media or in Emails will also be bang up to date with no extra work by you.  A huge time and resources saver and brilliant for the environment too!

Not only Flipbooks, we can also create Kindle Books, iBooks, ePub books and of course beautiful PDFs from even the most basic of documents.

And Here’s The Proof!

On this website you will find a blog post called ‘What Is An LMS’ – here you can click and take a look, it will open in a new window.

First a PDF from the Blog Post


First we read that Blog Post into a PDF e-book and created a 3D cover for it – here’s that image and below you can click to see the PDF.

3D Cover Example

Then we took that exact PDF and generated a Flipbook from it in the cloud. 

You can see that Flipbook right here – just click to open it!


We can do the same for you!  All your brand colours and logos, all beautifully presented.  So much easier, cost-effective and eco-friendly than printing.

If you wanted to publish and sell books on Amazon – no problem – we can output your documents in their .mobi format for Kindle – all ready to sell in the Worlds Largest Online Store!

All Flipbooks are stored securely on Amazon AWS servers so you can expect non-stop availability and speed, no matter how many people are viewing your Flipbook.

Kickstart Your Digital Marketing

You will find lots of useful information about marketing your business on this website.  My Digital Marketing Strategy Tips is a great place to start to help you think and plan for powering up your business.

Please do connect with me here or on social media to find out more about how we could work together on your business goals and objectives.

You can also join the Cyber Hype Digest newsletter for useful industry news, hints and tips.  I regularly share fantastic freebies and trials in there too – straight to your inbox – no spam guaranteed!

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EASY to understand, straight forward speaking business and marketing advice from the C J Strand blog.

You don’t have to be a client to get great advice!

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