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How Planning for the Big ‘What If’ protects and adds value

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Business Continuity – Planning For The Unexpected

If there was ever a time in history to consider the big ‘what if’ questions for your business, then it’s right now.  Perhaps even preferably, sometime around the end of 2019 would have been better but how could anyone have possibly known what was about to happen?

And that’s the point, we don’t know what’s just around the corner BUT we CAN plan for how our businesses can keep running, how we can mitigate risks and eliminate weak points.

The important factor now is that organisations and public sector bodies responsible for awarding contracts are more sensitive than ever to risk and business continuity.  If your business can demonstrate a considered plan, evidence of how the business will be protected from unexpected events – your business may be more likely to win those contracts.

This process improves your ability to recover from staff illness, IT failures, disruptive legal action, and delayed client payments.  Less than 10% of small firms have this in place, yet it’s easy to implement and it can even reduce your insurance premiums.

What Is A Business Continuity Plan?


A business continuity plan is a document prioritising key risks to your business and the actions required to reduce or remove those threats.

This includes disaster recovery from sudden emergencies such as key worker illness, loss of access to premises, or failures in your supply chain or IT systems.

Why it works is simple – If you have already identified possible challenges ahead and how to manage them, then you’re much more likely to survive and thrive.

You won’t be caught short by an emergency. You’ll have less to keep you awake at night.

Everyone inside and outside your business will have more confidence in your resilience when times get tough.

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The Benefits of Working With a BCP Professional

Having an independent certificated validation of your risks and mitigation plans by a qualified person is good evidence to insurers, funders, suppliers, staff and clients that your enterprise will survive and thrive.

Professiona BCP advisors know how to structure your plan. The good news is that templates are available from these expert advisors which give you a replicable structure off the shelf.

This enables you to tailor your content for your unique situation within a professionally recognised framework.


A professional framework guides your assessment of critical hazards, impact analysis, resourcing needs, and who takes the timetabled actions. It includes an emergency response checklist, contact numbers and a guide for media communications.

Front line staff are often more aware of functional risks than senior managers. By sharing and engaging their feedback you’ll be motivating them to take responsibility and adding to your armoury.

How We Can Help

Here at C J Strand Cyber Hype we have partnered with Clive Bonny, MD of Strategic Management Partners to offer our clients professional Business Continuity Planning support and advice.

Here is a video from Clive that covers the main principals of BCP and how you can get started.

Clive is a member of the UK Business Angels Association, due diligence advisor and investor in early-stage health and tech enterprises. 

He is also responsible for our BCP here at C J Strand Ltd., so if you want to know more about protecting and planning for your business, come and talk to us – I’ve been through the process and it was really quite painless! 

I now know how my business will be protected if any of those ‘what if’s’ happen and can stand out from my competition by informing prospective clients of the steps I have taken to keep my business going, so I can keep their businesses going.

Book an initial Business Continuity Planning Call here or fill out the contact form below.

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