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Client Project Profile

CS-Cart, SEO, Google Shopping & CS-Cart Licensing

Business Objectives

  • Resolve CS-Cart Support and licensing issues created by the previous service provider.
  • Verify installation with CS-Cart
  • Cleaning Content for SEO
  • Manipulation of Product Database to enable e-commerce correctly
  • Prepare Datafeed for Google Shopping
  • Create Guidelines for Product Providers when adding new lines.

Resolving Database Issues & CS-Cart Ecommerce Verification with SEO & Google Shopping

This e-commerce website was receiving very little traffic and the business owner was having problems managing the website and growing an audience on social media.  On investigation it was found that the incumbent digital agency had not correctly implemented and licensed the e-commerce system and despite charging high rates for support, had not registered the software license or enabled the website to be found by search engines.  I was able to correct the missed criteria, organise the products and their descriptions correctly and increase the number of orders being received. This also enabled the client to bring in more providers, configure multi-vendor shipping schemes and move their business forward.

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